Cytek Full Spectrum Profiling-What is at the End of the Rainbow?

Colours are essential to guide us through our everyday life. For example, the colour Red on a traffic light means stop. Green means go. In flow cytometry colours are of similar importance. They are called fluorophores and are used to label and identify our markers and cells of interest. Cytek’s Cell Analysis Systems (Aurora, Northern Lights and Aurora Cell Sorter) are able to utilize the diversity of fluorophores with their Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP) Technology. FSP does not only enable you to design high parameter panels with ease, but it also allows for label-free detection and measurement of autofluorescence. But there is more to Cytek than Full Spectrum Profiling. Join Laura’s talk to find out more about Cytek’s journey to a full solution provider.

Dr Laura Ducimetière, Technical Application Specialist at Cytek Biosciences