What is the product slam and what is good for, well…

for company representives, you definitely won’t be tired to stare into a monitor on a Zoom meeting this year and hope that people will see your yellow raised hand. We are back live, in 3D and Dolby X Surround Sound.
Back from the pandemic it might be even more important for companies to look for opportunities to present yourself .
We’re giving you 3 minutes to do that.
We call it the Product Slam.

On Wednesday, the first day of the conference, you will have the opportunity to present the latest, innovative technical developments and products.
You can juggle, throw candy at the audience, which by the way does not work in a ZOOM meeting, or try to tell your 20 minute presentation of the company’s history in 3 minutes (and horribly fail).
And it has to be live.
Exactly 3 minutes, which we leave to you.
And we are very, very strict with the times, but always remain friendly and are also incredibly personable.

We encourage the few companies that have not yet thought of taking this opportunity to think about it.

See the Trailer and have fun. No spoilers ahead.

See you Dr. Bauer and Dr. Endl known as (Tom and Elmar)

Product Slam, Trailer by Elmar Endl and Thomas Bauer

Same procedure as before the pandemic …

For the attendies

This is one hour to review and look ahead, what is going on in industry in a sinlge session.

And we will have a nice potpourri of multiparameter, spectral, flow, imaging, mass, chip cytometry, accessories, therapy development, single cell analysis and optogenetics. Somehow something that at least makes us, Tom and me, curious.

At the end of the short presentations of 3 minutes each, the audience will decide on the best “Industry-Slamer:in” via an Applausometer.

Then it’s called: And the price for… best overall performance, including best visual effects and best live character goes to…..

The best company presentation will receive a certificate and a small prize.