Tutorial: Flow, FACS and common Fallacies

Tuesday, September, 27th, 2022: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm

Chairs: Claudia Giesecke-Thiel and Toralf Kaiser

We plan a tutorial for flow cytometry newbies and advanced users that starts with a short introduction to flow cytometry and some basics and then quickly moves to advanced technical knowledge and cell sorting by FACS. We plan to do some hands-on activities on the cell sorter to show what is behind all the buttons and control panels to operate the sorting process from a technical point of view. The goal is to enhance the understanding of the technical basics (principles) of the flow cytometry technique and cell sorting using FACS to help users improve their flow cytometry experiments and avoid common mistakes.

Some points we will address are:

  • Setting PMT voltages (gain)
  • What is the best flow rate?
  • What is the drop delay?
  • What is the best nozzle size?
  • Compensation and spectral flow cytometry (short)

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