Webinar by OLS, Monday, 26.09.2022, 10:30 am – 11:00 am

Chair: Raluca Niesner

Slingshot Biosciences is a pioneer in engineering synthetic cells that are tunable to match the scatter and biomarker profile of any disease state. As flow cytometry controls, these cells provide accuracy and reproducibility, serving as the ideal replacement for variable and unreliable blood and tissue controls. In this presentation, we will demonstrate key features and benefits of synthetic cells for quality control and measurement assurance in flow cytometry. Specifically, we will show how synthetic cells compare to beads and disease cell lines, offering benefits such as off the shelf stability, operational cost reduction and improved workflow efficiency.  

Speaker: Henrik Holm-Kjar
Slingshot Biosciences Inc.

Flow Cytometry Synthetic Cell Controls | OLS (ols-bio.de)